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Things to do:

First off is running. With only 20 days till the Seattle half, I am stepping up my training once more. Yikes!
So the plan is this: Tues - Friday 6 miles, Sat and Monday, walk/ light run. Sunday long run of 8 to ten miles (10 on the 11th, 8 on the 18th. Since I didn't do my long run yesterday I am going six miles tonight as well.

I think once I am done with the half, I will do 3-4 maintenance runs a week of 6 miles. I don't want to loose all of the progress I have made over the past six months. I would really like to take up rock climbing. I think it would be fun. And I really want to learn to play guitar.

In the next week I also have a ton of paintings to paint. That is okay, because I know what they will be. Once I have my inspiration nailed down into images I can be a fairly quick painter. The challenge is to get about six done before next Wednesday.


What happens next Wednesday?
Your mask is scary.

I have to give the paintings to the Church.
There you are! Thought you died or something...
No, not dead. Sorry, I just got absurdly busy.
Good luck on the Half. I'll be praying for good weather for you!
Can't wait to cheer you on!


P.S. I love it when you post to your journal!

P.P.S. http://harmony.wallender.com (no www) forwards to your journal now.