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Dreams of Hope

Harmony Joy's Journal

Harmony Joy
I believe that there is a fine, dancing line between genus and insanity...I used to balance on this line until one day I tripped and fell somewhere in between...I'll let you decide which side I fell on...
Born in Minnesota, I managed to escape at the young age of four and have been residing in Seattle ever since. As a scholar of English at Seattle Pacific University, I currently spend my time delving into great literary works, Cultivating small puppies into adulthood, and attempting to create something witty that will sum up my life for paragraphs such as this.
I am a very opinionated person about many things, yet I like to think that my mind is still open on a variety of topics that you may choose from. These topics do not include most politics or my stance on the worth of small rodents (I am republican and I highly value them, respectively) though you may still attempt to sway my opinion. I do like a good debate.