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ISSA – International Science and Space Academy

Started in 2452, the International Science and Space Academy (herein referred to as ISSA) was formed by John Reynolds II, more commonly known as Achilles or The Achilles, and Dr. Yonnon J Drew of the United Space Administration. Upon opening, Dr. Drew gave a speech that summarized the purpose and mission of the ISSA as primarily being “to advance the human experience beyond the bounds of our own Galaxy, and to cultivate intergalactic relations with beings yet to be known.” John Reynolds speech seemed to take on a different air saying that the purpose of the ISSA was to “advance mankind’s reach and influence into the unknown” and to “further develop the natural resources in our universe.” Many historians cite this as the first sign of the natural misalignment of the two that would eventually lead to the collapse of the ISSA as well as their friendship.