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And how are you, Miss Harmony?

I am doing well, thank you. I just feel good this morning, I think it is something to do with the Seattle skyline out side my window, refracting bits of morning light. What are some other good things? Why thank you for asking, let me tell you:
Megs and I are working on a project! For all of you who are extremely project oriented you should be able to understand the joy that this brings me. Megs and I play well together when we are working on these sort of things because she brings great ideas to the table and lets me have some artistic freedom as well. :)
Speaking of those sort of things, I am finally finishing Meg’s painting and I now know how I will paint the five I have for the Church. It was difficult (please see intimidating) for me because I really wanted to say something with these paintings. They aren’t to be hung in just some coffee shop, they must mean something. All of your paintings mean something, Megs argued when I expressed this to her. Yes well, this is more important. It is not just what we see and feel, but also something glorifying God. That and my commissioner doesn’t like things too abstract. And, let’s face it, it is just easier to paint abstract.
Here is what I want to say:
When you look around you and you see the man on the street, dirty and alone, remember that he is the beloved of God. When you see your coworker, who is a pain in the butt sometimes, or someone who cuts you off on the road, they are beloved by God. When, more appropriately for the youth (the paintings will be in the youth room), you see the jerk at school who hasn’t treated you with any kindness since the second grade, or the nerd who you would sooner scoff at then smile at, remember that they are also beloved by God. And even when you look in the mirror, and you see many imperfections, when you are too fat or too thin, too short or tall, or you see deeper and see enough character flaws to fill a book, still you are beloved by God. We are, all of us, transformed by the love of God; and as Christians it is our privilege to express that love to the beloved of God (including, but not limited to, ourselves).
My running is also going well.
In the writing world, I am really quite excited about our latest writing exercise. At writing group, we were able to use more of that group creativity, and that is just fun.
What else am I doing…..ah yes, the great church hunt.
Well, I still like Antioch but I just wish there was more of a creative outlet for me there. Maybe there is and I just don’t see it. Maybe art (painting, singing, and writing) doesn’t really need to be incorporated into every aspect of my life…but that just seems wrong.

On a side note, I seem to be getting hit on in the oddest ways these past two days. It all started yesterday when the Indian guy who runs the 76 by my house nearly got into a fight with some guy who was hitting on me in a very uncomfortable way, to my coworker who told me this morning that “people who looked like me” don’t go out with people like him (what the hell, thank you very much, I am not that shallow. There are several reasons why I would not go out with him, granted, but his looks are certainly not one of them. I just don’t date unless it is right, okay! Look at my track record! Seriously, I am busy, I don’t really have the time to get in a relationship, I have paintings to paint. So unless it is someone who has potential for, well, real love why would I take my time away from all of the other stuff I have going on? Why would I put my heart at risk if there is no where the relationship could go? I just don’t like being labeled as the shallow girl who doesn’t go out with people because of their looks. Seriously, I am fine, but I am not fine! I am cute, but not a model. If I was really that hung up on myself, I would have issues), to the guy who thought I had a nice voice on the phone and wanted to know if I was married. Do I have a sign on my head? I don’t mind when people hit on me, really I don’t. But yesterday I was actually scared by the guy at 76 and I don’t like being thought of as shallow. Especially as I have always been very nice to this guy. Oh well, someday I will put it in a book, right? :) Besides, it doesn’t matter what he thinks of me, I am only in control of my actions, not other people’s thoughts.

This has gotten long. And a lot like a rant. So I am going to go now. Bye!!!


Sorry to hear about the insecure idjits out there giving you a hard time. I feel some small amount of sympathy for them if only because culture can screw someone up like that, but there's no reason you should have to put up with that, especially not from co-workers.
I'm glad you're doing well despite weirdness from people. It seems like when I have a bad/ditzy/weird day, the whole day is like that.